No one was going to take anything for granted or, as said… least of all him. He still laughed when the applause hit him and he was never going to change his ways. This was a calling not a path and any friendly word caused his stride to be stronger and his grin wider.

“It was a delight and a pleasure to have you on t’wireless”

David Durberville – BBC Radio Leeds

“I have been playing for 40 plus years and your concert was a stand-out day.”

“Tony Wilson is the complete troubadour – music, story and song. In former times he would have wandered from town to town entertaining and informing all ages – but – forget former times – he does it now!”

Ed Pickford – Songwriter

“Tony is the real deal – I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you book or see him. He’s kind of what I’d be like if I was better!”

Keith Donnelly

“Tony Wilson is a great singer, consummate musician and tremendous songwriter. In my opinion one of the very top artists we have.”

Tom McConville

“Multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter, tunesmith, traditional singer, consummate storyteller, hugely experienced entertainer… In short he’s BLIDDY EXCELLENT!”

Dave Burland – Folksinger

“Tony Wilson is a fantastic singer, banjo player, guitarist and ukulele player as well as a first class storyteller.”

Yorkshire Dales Arts

“Tony Wilson is a superb singer with excellent instrumental skills on guitar, banjo and mandola.”

“Always a favourite at our Folk Club. He has a zany sense of humour, a fine singer of traditional and contemporary songs, beautifully accompanied on guitar or banjo.”

“Tony’s introductions to his songs are music in themselves with his North East accent, he has audiences hanging onto his every word.”

“Tony not only listens to other singers who support him on a night, but is also happy to share his knowledge and experience with them.”

Kevin Young – Beggars Folk Club

“His amazing repertoire has everything; terrific enthusiasm and great feeling. He sings the best of traditional songs and then switches to self-penned songs, totally within the spirit of folk and can have you laughing or crying – whatever he wants you to do.”

“He can fill the room with his music but he knows when to bring the level down and support a song instead of drowning it. He is always a delight. Go and see him!”

Bridge Folk Club

“A great raconteur, an engaging storyteller, an amazing musician and a fine singer.”

Hive Radio

“Tony is not only a talented musician but a fabulous performer. As musical director the whole company felt confident in his presence- his music was key to bringing the production together.”

The People’s Theatre Newcastle

“He was a superstar in the ’70’s and 80’s and he’s still a superstar now!”

Headland Folk Club