It seemed like so long ago when he had found himself lost in a place that signs had forgotten. There was no one to show him except the old man by the side of the road, who did not know his own destination, let alone guide another.

“Ah now! My brother! … that is another question! Let’s wake him and he will know the way.”

Dutifully they went together to find and even older man sleeping between two stools. 

Roughly woken by his mischievous, younger brother he was told of the traveller’s desired destination.

He stroked at his chin and scratched at his head.

“Stranger…” he still had sleep in his mind and on his lips.

“You must turn left at the place where the forest used to be.” He smiled, expecting gratitude.

“But how will I know a direction from a place that no longer exists?” The traveller was puzzled.

“But that is easy.” He raised a finger in the air. “You will be able to see sawdust upon the ground.”

Life’s like that.