I had mistakenly thought that I could pick up the instruments and be able to play like I had done a couple of decades ago. 

Playing “Twinkle Twinkle” and “The rain falls down on the fish in the sea” to hundreds of children is a lot different to playing to an adult audience who know the difference between a good song and a poor player. 

“Six weeks and I’ll be out there making a go of it in folk clubs… just you wait and see.”

Foolish talk from a deluded one-time player. 

It took a lot of time to get to that right place with the right skills and the the right amount of enjoyment for the audience…. and me. 

But I’m there now with all of the help, encouragement and opportunities I’ve been given along the way by all of the club, open mic, busker’s night, theatres, arts centre, folk-club and pub organisers, audiences and fellow musicians I’ve met along the way. 

If it had been easy… it wouldn’t have been worth doing. I’ve re-served my time and I’m ready now.

2017 – first floor spot in 15 years