From the beginning of 2016 had worked so hard, for 4 years to get enough work to start to re-build my musical career. 

I was never going to set the world on fire… there just aren’t enough matches, but I was very happy with my very small bite of the pie; Festivals were coming in, folk clubs were booking me and glad to see my return to playing and everything in the garden seemed hopeful and then….something happened to us all and it all blew away.

With each month another booking was cancelled until there was nothing left but hope for better times to come.

I’m still willing to do the hard work… again… I know the rewards and the joy I feel. 

All I need is a chance, an opened door, a welcoming hand and someone who would like to listen. 

I have the songs, the music, the chat, the experience, the reviews and a voice to make it all happen.

All of the good things that people say about me can’t all be wrong.

Call me on: 07779 945 411

Or email: